Journey to the Cross

Dallas, TX - February 2019

Aaron Bensko came to B&L for support when working on a large art installation at the Church of the Incarnation in Dallas, TX. The event was called Journey to the Cross and was open for one week leading up to Good Friday 2019, providing a walk through reflective experience highlighting moments from the story of Christ’s crucifixion.

We provided lighting and audio gear with supporting cable packages, consoles, and networking gear. Our lighting designers were able to design a lighting package that would allow us to highlight the art pieces and preserve the intimacy and reflective nature of the various stations included in the experience. We provided set up labor and one of our lighting designers spent two days on site tweaking programming and positioning to create and incredible experience for the attendees of the event. The lighting package included eight framing LED sourced profiles, eighteen LED washes, twenty four LED bars, twelve LED PARs, and five Source Four ellipsoidals.

Photo Credit: Aaron Bensko